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About Inspired Spine

Providing Total Spine Care

Inspired Spine is a total spine care provider committed to treating back and neck pain with the least invasive approach that’s appropriate for your condition. We are raising the standard of care for the most complex conditions with our unique advanced minimally invasive spinal fusions—fluoroscopic surgeries that make your recovery faster and easier.

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However, surgery is never the first choice for back pain treatment, and we will always take the most conservative approach to get you back to normal with non-surgical options. Inspired Spine’s Multi Dimensional Conservative Protocol ™ offers a wide range of non-invasive therapies and pain management services that may relieve your back pain without surgery. Physical Therapy (PT) is the most common conservative therapy, but even alternative treatments like yoga can be useful for some patients.

Is advanced minimally invasive spine surgery the key to relieving your back pain? Download Our Patient Guide to find out all about Inspired Spine’s Treatment Path & Advanced MIS Surgeries.

Easier Treatment, Faster Recovery: An Easy Choice.

The less invasive way is the easier way to go. Just ask our patients. No other surgical technique makes back pain treatment easier on you than Inspired Spine’s Advanced Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery. And because of our high-safety, low-risk profile, we can even help people who have been turned away from traditional surgery because of age, weight, or the complexity of their condition.

Why suffer any longer? Inspired Spine Advanced Minimally Invasive Back Surgery can treat many of the causes of chronic back pain, including:

Many of the people who come to Inspired Spine have been living with severe back pain for many years. They’ve tried every possible treatment alternative to avoid the trauma of traditional open surgery. But their pain still restricts their work, leisure, and even normal activities of everyday life. For them, minimally invasive spinal surgery is the lifeline they’ve been waiting for. See their Inspired Stories.

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