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Diagnostic Imaging Burnsville, MN

Advanced, Accurate Diagnosis to Pinpoint the Cause of Your Back Pain

At Inspired Spine, we offer in-house imaging services with the availability to perform X-ray, CT, and MRI's. Our MRI scanner is one of only three high tech upright open MRI scanners in the United States. The Esaote G-scan Brio’s open and tilting design allows the position of the patient to become an integral part of the examination.

Many symptoms occur when you are in a weight-bearing or standing position. A conventional MRI may not be able to show an accurate view of the problem area. With the introduction of the weight-bearing (standing) position, we are able gain a more complete understanding of the joint under examination.

MRI Checklist

An MRI checklist will need to be completed and returned before the procedure. If you answer yes to question 1 through 9, please contact our radiology department before completion. Click here to download the checklist.

Call Inspired Spine today at (952) 225-5266 to arrange an appointment. Inspired Spine uses the most advanced diagnostic imaging techniques to pinpoint the cause of your back pain.

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