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Inspired Spine

  • Office Name: Burnsville, MN
  • Category: Clinical
  • Location Type: Inspired Spine Clinics

About This Location

Inspired Spine is dedicated to evaluating and treating all types of brain and spine problems, no matter how complex. Our doctors have extensive training from around the world, and are up to date on all the latest techniques and technologies. Our specialties include OLLIF a minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive SI Joint fusion, injections and physical therapy. 

Whatever your ailment, we have the medical expertise and technological capability to successfully treat your problem and help you recover as quickly as possible.

Inspired Spine has locations in Burnsville and Alexandria, Minnesota. Our staff is made up of experts in brain and spinal care

Services at this location

At Inspired Spine we evaluate and treat all types of brain and spine problems, no matter how complex. We want what is best for the patient. Many back and neck conditions can be effectively treated with relatively simple, non-surgical remedies.

Our process begins with diagnostic imaging. This first step reveals where and what the problems are. Based on the imaging results conservative therapy options are performed. Once conservative therapy measures have been exhausted we consider Minimally Invasive Spinal Procedures and Treatments.