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At the Intersection of Back Pain & Depression

At the Intersection of Back Pain & Depression

Many people suffer from depression – whether they are diagnosed or not. Depression can be triggered by a wide array of different factors, but we’d like to focus specifically on depression and back pain today. The topic of this article is back pain and depression. We are going to discuss the ways in which back pain can cause depression (and vice versa), and also offer some tips for managing post-surgical depression.

Back Pain & Depression

Depression is incredibly complex and is often the result of a combination of factors, rather than one single event or injury. That being said, there are elements that can contribute to a person’s depression. One such element is chronic back pain. Patients who experience significant back pain on a recurring basis often report feelings of depression. To make matters even worse, depression can exacerbate a patient’s already existing back pain – leading to a self-perpetuating, painful cycle.

Post-Surgery Depression

Depression can also develop in patients after a spinal surgery procedure. Here are a few tips for reducing depression after a spinal operation:

  • Be active. You won’t be able to run any marathons after your surgery, but walking around and doing your physical therapy exercises can greatly boost your spirits while you recover.
  • Medications. If you have severe depression, or if you were taking depression meds prior to your surgery, talk to your doctor about how medications can help your pain and depression.

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