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Back & Spine Pain after Massage

Back & Spine Pain after Massage

Massages can be great for reducing stress and pain from muscle tightness. However, in some cases, a massage can cause more back pain. In this patient education article, we will discuss what you should do if you experience back pain after a massage.

Vetting Your Massage Therapist

The biggest danger when it comes to massages occurs when you have a masseuse who is not professionally trained. The back and neck are incredibly complex and easily damaged. If an unqualified person gives you a massage and starts applying pressure to your back and spine, they may herniate a disc in your back or irritate a pre-existing condition. You need a massage professional who has been educated on the appropriate techniques. Make sure your masseuse is properly credentialed by vetting them online and in person.

Treating Massage-Related Back Pain

First off, we should state that some pain during a massage is quite normal. If you have particularly tight muscles or “knots” in your back or neck, it’s probably going to hurt a little as your masseuse works those out. However, this pain should only be temporary and resolve in a day or so following your massage. If you experience back pain that gets worse after a massage, there may be something else going on. When this happens, make an appointment with a medical doctor to diagnose your pain and recommend options for treatment.

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