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It Feels like I have Fireworks Going Off in my Back

It Feels like I have Fireworks Going Off in my Back

Recently we had a reader write in with the following question: “It feels like I have fireworks going off in my back – what could be causing this pain?” That’s our topic for this patient education article. We will talk about a few potential causes of this type of back pain, and what you can do about it.

Exploding Back Pain

First off, let’s define what we mean by “Fireworks or Exploding Back Pain.” Every patient experiences back pain differently, but there are certain types of pain that are consistent. For example, some pain is constant and dull (or achy). Other pain only crops up every once in a while, but is much more intense. This is what we mean when we say “exploding back pain.”

So what causes exploding firework pain in the spine? It can be the result of several factors including:

  • Acute injury (car accidents, sports injury, etc.).
  • Pinched or damaged nerves.
  • Spinal Stenosis.
  • Arthritic or degenerative conditions in the spine.

Treatment Options

Spin that broken record – as always, it’s essential to determine what is causing the exploding back pain before you embark on a course of treatment. Some conditions may be treated effectively with non-surgical options like pain medications, physical therapy, chiropractic, or injections. When these fail to reduce the pain, a minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery procedure may be the best action plan. This is especially true when the spinal nerves are in danger of being damaged.

Inspired Spine’s minimally invasive keyhole surgical procedures (the Inspired OLLIF and the Inspired MIS-DTIF) are revolutionizing the way in which patients and surgeons approach spine surgery. Compared to other contemporary spinal surgeries, Inspired Spine procedures focus on the patient experience by providing shorter operating times, faster recoveries, and less overall pain. If you are suffering from back pain or a spinal condition, an Inspired Spine surgery performed by a trained spinal surgeon could be your best option for treatment. Contact us today to see if you are a good candidate for one of our Inspired Spine procedures, or find a trained Inspired Spine surgeon near you using our online search tool.