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Taking Care of Children when you Have Back Pain

Taking Care of Children when you Have Back Pain

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or a babysitter – taking care of a child or children can be exhausting. If you suffer from chronic back pain, it can approach the impossible. But there are actionable steps you can take to control and reduce your pain. Here are a few tips for taking care of children when you suffer from back or spine pain.

Get Your Pain Diagnosed

First thing’s first, if you’re in pain you need to see a physician and get your pain diagnosed. If you don’t know the underlying cause of your back pain, you can’t hope to effectively reduce the pain.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Once you’ve been diagnosed, it’s essential to follow your doctor’s recommendations. If you’ve been prescribed pain pills, be sure to take them according to your prescription schedule. If surgery is recommended, don’t put off the operation – doing so will delay the inevitable and could lead to worse pain.

Don’t Exceed Your Limits

It’s important to know your physical limitations and make sure you don’t exceed them when you’re watching, caring for, or playing with your child. If your child wants to play a game that requires physical activity that will exacerbate your back pain, just say no. It can be difficult, but if you injure yourself and the pain gets worse, nobody will be happy.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Many back pain patients are prideful and don’t want to ask for help. But when there are children involved that need care, you can’t let your pride get in the way. If your pain is preventing you from doing everything you need to do for your kids, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member for help.

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