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3 Qualities of a Great Spine Surgeon

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
3 Qualities of a Great Spine Surgeon

Having a great spine surgeon can make all the difference before, during, and after your procedure. Forming a cohesive doctor/patient relationship with your surgeon is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful surgical experience. Here are a few qualities of a great spine surgeon to look for when you are considering surgery.

A Record of Success

Perhaps the most important quality to look for in a spinal surgeon is a track record of successful surgeries. Ideally you want a surgeon who has successfully performed hundreds (if not thousands) of procedures similar to the surgery you are considering. With newer procedures that have recently been developed (like the Inspired OLLIF for example) you won’t be able to find any surgeon with a long track record simply because the procedures are so new. If that’s the case, look at the surgeon’s track record for similar minimally invasive keyhole procedures.

Great Bedside Manner

You want your surgeon to be a knowledgeable, technical expert, but bedside manner is just as important. You may have the most brilliant surgeon on the planet, but if you can’t carry a conversation with them, you will have trouble building trust before your procedure. Make sure your surgeon has the appropriate credentials and track record, as well as a great bedside manner.

Well Respected & Reviewed

Another great gauge of a surgeon’s quality is how well they are regarded by their medical peers and previous patients. Ask your primary care doctor, family, and friends if they can refer you to any excellent surgeons. This is often the best source of information. You can also take to the internet and search around for any surgeon you are considering. Check to see if they have any patient or doctor testimonials on their website, and read patient reviews on sites like vitals, ratemds, and the like.