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How Much Walking Should I do Each Day after Surgery?

  • Category: Spine Health
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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
How Much Walking Should I do Each Day after Surgery?

We’ve talked before about why it’s good to be active while you recover from your minimally invasive keyhole spinal procedure. That means getting off the couch, doing your prescribed exercises, and walking around. But some patients want to know how much walking is too much. That’s the topic of this article.

Walking After Surgery

Walking around your house, or outside can have a tremendous effect on your recovery after spine surgery. Movement gets your blood flowing, and helps increase your mobility while your body focuses on mending the surgical wounds. Walking can also have a great impact on your mental and emotional health after surgery. Patients feel a lot more optimistic if they are able to move around and get outside, rather than sitting in their homes all day.

Know Your Limits & Ask Questions

As with everything, it’s important to know your limits after surgery. It’s good to push yourself a little bit and get off the couch when you may not want to, but there is a line. If you feel a lot of pain during your walks, take a break. The name of the game is short, frequent walks – you don’t need to walk for miles at a time.

If you are hesitant about any type of exercise during your recovery, talk with your surgeon or physical therapist to see what they recommend.

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