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Stiffness Along the Spine – Causes & Treatments

Stiffness Along the Spine – Causes & Treatments

Stiffness along the spine can make daily activities painful or difficult to accomplish. A little stiffness can result after a hard workout, but stiffness that persists for days or weeks at a time may be caused by something else. In this article, we will discuss what exactly may be causing stiffness along your spine – and also offer up some treatment options for these conditions and injuries.

Causes of Spine Stiffness

Spinal stiffness can be the result of numerous potential causes. Here are some potential causes of stiffness that occurs all along the spine:

  • Exercise. Stiffness in the back is a common after-effect of a good workout. This type of stiffness will typically go away on its own after a day or two.
  • Spinal Stenosis. Stenosis is a narrowing of the spine and often causes stiffness in the area.
  • Nerve & Disc Issues. Damage to the nerves and discs of the spine can result in stiffness as well. These issues often require minimally invasive keyhole surgery.

Best Treatment Options for a Stiff Spine

An accurate diagnosis should always be the first step when treating stiffness and pain in the spine. There are many different possible causes of spine stiffness, and treatment options vary greatly depending on the root cause of the symptoms. For example, a pinched nerve requires a different treatment approach than a spinal vertebrae fracture. Depending on your diagnosis, treatment options may include physical therapy, chiropractic, pain medication, injections, or minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery. Patients typically begin with conservative treatment options, and consider surgery if these treatment methods fail to resolve the symptoms.

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