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3 Ways to Qualify your Spine Surgeon

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
3 Ways to Qualify your Spine Surgeon

Everyone wants the best surgeon to perform their minimally invasive keyhole spinal procedure. But not all surgeons are the best and finding the right surgeon for your situation can be difficult. Here are a few methods for qualifying or vetting your surgeon before you decide to have minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery.

Ask About their Credentials

The first thing you want to do is make sure your surgeon has the proper qualifications and credentials. Find out where they went to medical school, and where the completed their residency and fellowship. You can also ask about their work history as a surgeon.

Ask About the Procedures they Perform

Even within the sub-specialty of spine surgery, there are many different specific procedures, with new techniques being developed all the time. The best spinal surgeons need a combination of experience and knowledge of new and emerging surgical techniques. Ask your surgeon what types of procedures they have performed in the past, how many, and their success rates. You can also ask them if they perform Inspired Spine procedures, as these are the most minimally invasive keyhole methods in the industry.

Ask for Physician References

A great way to determine the quality and skill of a surgeon is to ask other physicians for their thoughts. Surgeons often work hand-in-hand with primary care and pain management physicians to find the best care strategy. Ask if your surgeon has any other physicians who can speak to their skillset. You can also take to the internet and search for physician and patient reviews.

Making the decision to undergo spine surgery is a scary thing for many patients. Inspired Spine procedures take away a lot of that pre-op fear. Our surgeries have been shown to offer the least pain and fastest recoveries of any procedure on the market. If you are searching for a surgeon in your area who performs Inspired Spine procedures, contact us or use our find a provider tool.