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Dealing with Pain while you Wait for Spine Surgery

Dealing with Pain while you Wait for Spine Surgery

Once you’ve made the decision to have spine surgery, you may still need to wait several weeks or months to have your procedure. If you’re in immense pain, this can seem like an eternity. Spine surgery is meant to reduce your back pain long-term, but what is a patient to do while they wait for their procedure? In this article, we will offer a few tips and tricks for managing your pain while you wait to undergo a minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery procedure.

Managing Pre-Op Pain

There are many ways to control your pain until your go under the knife. Here are a few options that may work for you:

  • Pain medications. Over-the-counter NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.) are easy to obtain and can help reduce your pain. Prescription medications may also be used at the discretion of your physician.
  • Certain injections like nerve blocks, steroidal injections, and the like can reduce pain in the short term while a patient awaits surgery.
  • Physical Therapy. Various exercises can help increase mobility and decrease stiffness and pain.
  • For some patients, a simple massage can temporarily alleviate pain in the affected area.

Doctor Patient Communication

You should always communicate with your surgeon before using any of these pain control methods before surgery. Certain medications may negatively impact your procedure, so always inform your doctor of your plan. Your physician can also recommend good pain control options to you before and after your procedure. Clear communication with your physician is key.

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