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Deciding Between Chiropractic vs. Spine Surgery

Deciding Between Chiropractic vs. Spine Surgery

There are so many different methods for treating back pain and spinal conditions that it can be difficult to choose the best care option. Chiropractic care and spinal surgery are two of the most common treatment options for back pain patients. In this article, we will talk about choosing between chiropractic treatment and minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery for treating your back pain.


Chiropractic focuses on re-aligning your spine and musculoskeletal system through the use of “adjustments.” Chiropractic can help some patients reduce their back pain in the short term. However, most patients have to continue seeing their chiropractor on a regular basis for treatment because the pain comes back. Many people try chiropractic and other conservative treatment options for a while to see if they work. Sometimes these methods work. But patients often find that their pain relief is short-lived. When that’s the case, it’s time to consider surgical treatment options.

Spinal Surgery

Compared to chiropractic, spinal surgery is aimed at addressing and fixing the root cause of your back pain. Instead of making regular adjustments and offering short-term pain relief from a pinched spinal nerve or other issue, a spine surgeon can pinpoint the exact cause of the pain, and surgically repair the issue. This results in pain relief that lasts and doesn’t require you to keep visiting your chiropractor every week or so for pain relief.

When you need spine surgery for a back or spine issue, consider a minimally invasive keyhole Inspired Spine procedure. Our study-backed surgeries have the lowest risk, shortest operating times, and fastest recovery periods of any procedure currently available. Most patients are back home the day of surgery, and report minimal pain. Contact us today to learn more about Inspired Spine’s revolutionary procedures, or use our online tool to find a provider near you today.