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Degenerative Disc Disease Expectations

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
Degenerative Disc Disease Expectations

Discs in the spine break down and degenerative as we age. Degenerative spinal discs are a common source of back pain, but many patients are unaware of the symptoms associated with degenerative disc disease. In this article, we are going to explain some of the symptoms you can expect to experience with degenerative spinal discs. Additionally, we will offer some tips for alleviating symptoms and treating degenerative disc disease.

Pain in the Back and Elsewhere

Most conditions and injuries that originate in the spine cause back pain, and degenerative spinal discs are no exception. But many patients don’t realize that degenerative discs and related nerve problems can also cause pain in other areas of the body. The nerves that run through the spine communicate pain and other sensations to all parts of the body. So if a specific nerve is impacted, it may cause pain in the legs, arms, or other body parts.

Numbness & Loss of Sensation

When spinal discs break down, they can often herniate and spill out into the surrounding spinal nerves. Nerve interference in the spine can result in tingling, numbness, and sensation loss in the back, as well as other areas of the body. If your hands or feet seem to go numb or “fall asleep” for no reason, this may be an indication of a degenerative disc nerve issue.

Decreased Mobility

A loss of mobility is another common symptom of degenerative spinal discs. Spine discs act as cushions that rest between the vertebrae and help facilitate movement. When these discs deteriorate is can be more difficult to perform twisting or bending motions.

Treating Degenerative Spinal Discs

Minimally invasive spine surgery is becoming more and more common in the treatment of degenerative spinal discs. Inspired Spine has developed the most advanced spinal procedures available. Using our procedures, an Inspired Spine doctor can rebuild and re-stabilize the degenerated area of the spine, decreasing pain and preventing nerve issues in the process. Contact us today to learn more about our Inspired Spine procedures or to find a surgeon near you who does Inspired Spine surgery.