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Signs of a Dried Out Spinal Disc

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
Signs of a Dried Out Spinal Disc

Spinal discs make it possible for us to move, balance, and simply stand without falling over. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong with these discs. In this article, we are going to talk about spinal discs and spinal fluid. In particular, we’ll discuss what happens when a disc dries out and offer a few options for preventing and treating this occurrence.

What Causes Discs to Dry Out?

Spinal fluid helps lubricate the discs and vertebrae in the spinal column – making it easy to bend, twist, and otherwise move your back. When this spinal fluid starts to dissipate, the result is often pain, and loss of mobility. But what exactly causes discs to dry out? The most common cause is simple wear and tear over time. As our bodies age, they break down. With time, the discs in the spine can begin to lose fluid, dry out, and shrink.

Symptoms of a Dried Out Disc

Here are a few signs and symptoms that may indicate a diagnosis of spinal fluid loss:

  • Pain
  • Finding it difficult to bend or twist your back
  • Loss of mobility
  • A feeling of a “stiff” back

Since most instances of dried discs are caused by normal wear and tear as the body ages, there is not much you can do to completely prevent dried discs. However, there are some lifestyle adjustments you can make to downplay the symptoms. For example, living an active life, and eating healthy can go a long way to promoting spine health.

If a spinal disc has degenerated and lost a significant amount of fluid, a minimally invasive keyhole spine surgery may be required to strengthen and rebuild that area of the spine.

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