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4 Signs of a Degenerative Spinal Disc

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
4 Signs of a Degenerative Spinal Disc

In a recent article we talked about a few common signs that may indicate a spinal nerve issue. This article will deal with a related condition – degenerative disc disease of the spine. First off, let’s briefly define degenerative disc disease. DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) is a condition in which a patient’s spinal discs break down, either due to a pre-existing condition, or because of normal wear and tear as the body ages. Here are 4 typical signs and symptoms that are often present when a patient is experiencing degenerative disc disease.

Pain in the Back and Elsewhere

When spinal discs break down, they can begin to interfere with the surrounding structures of the spine like the nerves. This can lead to significant pain in the back that may radiate to the legs or other areas of the body. Pain related to a degenerative spinal disc will often flare up at certain points or because of certain activities.

Positions Make the Pain Worse

When most people experience back pain their first instinct is to sit down. But degenerative disc pain can actually increase when you sit down. Many patients with DDD report that standing or walking reduces their pain slightly. Changing sitting positions frequently also often provides relief.

Acute, Not Chronic Pain

Degenerative disc back pain is typically not recurring. Episodes of pain can be severe but they generally subside quickly. If you are experiencing chronic pain, your doctor will likely consider other potential diagnoses.

Muscle Spasms or a Feeling of “Throwing Your Back Out”

Severe cases of degenerative disc disease can lead to bouts of muscle spasms in the back. This is often what patients experience when they describe their back “going out.”

Degenerative disc disease can be treated with several surgical procedures that rebuild the degenerated discs and stabilize the spine. Learn about how Inspired Spine techniques can be beneficial in the treatment of degenerated discs by contacting us.