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4 Signs of a Spinal Nerve Issue

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
4 Signs of a Spinal Nerve Issue

The spinal nerves are essential to the body’s ability to perform basic functions (such as standing, walking, and moving your arms). These nerves transmit signals back and forth from the brain to other areas of the body. When these nerves are damaged, it can cause a number of symptoms in the patient. Here are four typical signs that you may have a spinal nerve issue.

Back Pain

This is the most common and obvious symptom of a spine nerve issue. Depending on the area of the nerve issue, pain can manifest in the back, neck, buttocks, or legs.

Numb Legs

Damaged spinal nerves can lead to functional issues in addition to pain. For example, a bulging disc that impinges a spinal nerve can begin interfering with the signals that nerve sends to the patient’s legs. This may begin as a slight tingling in the legs, and progress to full on numbness and loss of sensation in the limb.

Burning Sensation

Patients with damaged or inflamed spinal nerves also often report a burning sensation in the back near the area of the pinched nerve.

Bladder Issues

The spinal nerves also transmit functional signals to the bladder and bowels and help us control those bodily functions. When these specific nerves are impacted, the patient may experience trouble controlling their bladder or bowels.

If any of these symptoms match your situation, make an appointment with a spine specialist as soon as possible. Spinal nerve issues should not be taken lightly, and often need to be treated surgically. Inspired Spine procedures are well suited for treating spinal nerve issues. Our revolutionary minimally invasive keyhole techniques allow the surgeon to accomplish their goals using smaller incisions and shortened operating times. That translates to less pain and faster recoveries for patients. Contact us today to learn more about these procedures, or Find a Provider in your area.