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5 Patient Fears Before Spine Surgery (& How to Conquer Them)

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
5 Patient Fears Before Spine Surgery (& How to Conquer Them)

It’s natural to experience some fear before a surgical procedure. But by addressing those fears head on and learning about your procedure, you can diminish your fear before going under the knife. In this article, we are going to address 5 of the most prevalent fears that patients experience before undergoing a spine surgery procedure – and how to alleviate those fears.

Fear – My Surgeon is Going to Mess Up

Surgeons are humans, and sometimes surgical mistakes happen. But this is why it’s important to find a surgeon with a great track record of success performing your particular procedure.

Fear – I’m Going to Have a Long Painful Recovery

Spine surgery is a serious procedure and many patients assume they are going to have a long recovery ahead of them. However, with modern surgical techniques, surgeons are able to accomplish procedures with smaller incisions and less surgical trauma. You may have a short period of pain following your surgery, but you will likely be back to work (and play) within a few days or weeks.

Fear – My Procedure is Going to Fail

Certain spine surgeries require bone grafting, which can fail in certain situations. Your surgeon does everything they can to set up the bone graft for success, and it’s up to your body to finish the graft itself. Sometimes these grafts don’t take. But failed spine surgeries are by no means the norm. If you have a surgeon who has a good history of performing these procedures, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Fear – I’m Going to be Worse off than Before my Surgery

Chances are if you are considering spine surgery, you’re already experiencing extreme pain, numbness, and mobility issues. Even so, some patients are afraid that their procedure will leave them worse off. As long as you’re a good candidate for the procedure, and you’ve got a competent surgeon, you’ll likely be much better off than before your surgery.

Fear – I’m Going to Wake up During my Procedure

Everyone has heard a horror story about someone waking up mid-procedure and not being able to move. During your surgery you will have an anesthesiologist whose job it is to put you under and keep you under for the duration of your procedure. If you have concerns about this, talk with your surgeon or anesthesiologist before the surgery.

Inspired Spine surgical techniques have been designed to alleviate these patient fears. Our procedures offer faster recovery periods, less patient pain, and shorter hospital stays compared to other contemporary procedures. These revolutionary minimally invasive keyhole procedures, coupled with a surgeon that you trust can go a long way towards conquering your fears.