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Adjacent Segment Disc Disease After Spine Fusion

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
Adjacent Segment Disc Disease After Spine Fusion

Adjacent segment disc disease is a condition that can impact patients who have had a spinal fusion. In this patient education article, we are going to discuss the development of adjacent segment disc disease following a spinal fusion procedure.

What Causes Adjacent Segment Disc Disease?

Adjacent segment disc disease is an advanced form of a condition known as Adjacent Segment Degeneration (ASD). With ASD, the patient’s spinal joints begin to degenerate in the areas surrounding a spine fusion or other spinal surgery.

The exact cause of the condition is not well understood and is still being studied. However, segment disc disease can present with several symptoms, including:

  • Pain around the area of the surgery
  • Neurological symptoms
  • Pain and numbness that radiates to the arms or legs

Since this condition occurs while a patient is recovering from spine surgery, it can be difficult to differentiate between symptoms of adjacent disc disease and pain from the surgery itself.

Prevention & Treatment Options

Treatment options for adjacent segment disc disease vary widely. Some patients find adequate relief from conservative treatment options like pain medication, physical therapy, or injections. If the condition progresses and the spinal joints continue to degenerate, another surgery may be required to prevent serious issues. Perhaps the best treatment option is prevention. Electing to undergo a total disc replacement using Inspired Spine’s surgical techniques, rather than a spinal fusion, may reduce the risk of adjacent segment disease.

Inspired Spine’s minimally invasive keyhole surgical techniques have been developed to reduce the risk of adjacent segment disc disease in patients. These procedures offer unprecedented, short operating times and smaller incisions, which means less risk for the patient. Learn more about our procedures by reading our FAQs, or find an Inspired Spine provider in your area using our search tool.