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What is Biplane Fluoroscopy?

  • Category: Back Surgery
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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
What is Biplane Fluoroscopy?

The minimally invasive keyhole spinal procedures pioneered by Inspired Spine utilize a tool known as biplane fluoroscopy during surgery. Fluoroscopy is essentially a “live feed” of x-ray images that a surgeon can utilize during the procedure to accurately perform surgery. In this article, we will explain what biplane fluoroscopy is and how it is used during Inspired Spine surgery.

Biplane Fluoroscopy

Biplane fluoroscopy is a technique in which a surgeon uses real time x-rays to visualize an object inside the body – in this case, the spine. Think of fluoroscopy as a continuous “movie” of x-ray images, rather than one still image from a standard x-ray.

Using fluoroscopy imaging allows the surgeon to visualize the spine without making a large incision to view it directly. Smaller incisions are always a good thing when it comes to surgery. They allow the surgeon to complete the procedure with less surgical trauma, less blood loss, and (most importantly) less patient pain.

Benefits of Fluoroscopy

One of the greatest benefits of image-guided fluoroscopy during surgery is that patients do not need to make a separate appointment to visit the radiologist. The fluoroscopy is done on the operating table so the surgeon can see x-ray visualizations in real time.  It also greatly reduces the amount of radiation that the patient is normally exposed to. Most importantly, fluoroscopy allows the surgeon to be even more precise during the procedure. They are able to see and avoid nerves, arteries, and tissues surrounding the spine. This reduces the overall risk associated with spine surgical procedures.

If you have any questions about biplane fluoroscopy or any other facets of an Inspired Spine surgical procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. You can also Find a Provider in your area who performs Inspired Spine surgery by using our surgeon locator tool.