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5 Things to Do Every Day to Avoid Low Back Pain

  • Category: Spine Health
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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
5 Things to Do Every Day to Avoid Low Back Pain

For many people, back pain is a daily bother than hinders even the most mundane activities. While some back injuries need to be treated surgically, some back pain can be mitigated with simple lifestyle changes. Here are a handful of things you can add to your daily routine to help prevent and reduce back pain.

Exercise Daily

Building up your back and core muscles is an excellent way to prevent potential injuries to your back and spine. Even if you currently suffer from back pain, mild exercise like walking, jogging, or simply stretching, can do wonders for your pain. Remaining active is much better for your back health than sitting on the couch all day.

Eat Well

What you eat has a big impact on how you feel. Eat a lot of fast food, and sugary junk food and you will likely feel like junk. Furthermore, certain foods can lead to inflammation, which can exacerbate back pain.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Many patients do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. A lack of sleep can lead to irritability, exhaustion, and pain.

Be Mindful of your Posture

The way you stand, walk, and sit has a huge bearing on the overall health of your spine. It’s important to maintain good posture throughout the day. For many people, it’s very easy to slump back into your chair at work. Over time, this poor posture can add up to serious back pain. Keep an eye on your posture and sit up straight whenever you notice yourself slouching.

Cut Back on Smoking & Drinking

Smoking has been proven to increase back pain. Likewise, over consumption of alcohol can also contribute to spinal pain. Cut back on both as much as possible to reduce your back pain.