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Diagnosing Back Pain by Time of Day

Spine pain is completely subjective. Every patient with back pain experiences that pain differently. Some patients have pain constantly throughout the day, while others may have pain flare ups upon waking or in the middle of the night.  In this article, we are going to discuss back pain that changes based on the time of day.

Back Pain in the Morning

Many patients with spine problems report back pain upon waking up in the morning. This can be an indication of a spinal nerve issue. Pinched nerves can become irritated and cause pain when a patient remains in the same position for long periods of time (like during a night’s sleep). Sleeping in odd positions may result in waking up with back pain as well.

Back Pain in the Afternoon & Evening

Back pain can also flare up in the afternoon or evening following a big lunch or dinner meal. Certain foods can increase inflammation and exacerbate a person’s back pain.

Back Pain at Night

Back pain that flares up in the middle of the night is the most troubling of all because it disrupts a patient’s sleep cycle. A lack of sleep is only going to make existing back pain worse, and when your back pain is preventing you from getting a solid night’s sleep the problem perpetuates itself. To help combat back pain at night, make sure you are taking your back pain medication as directed so as to maximize pain relief throughout the night.

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