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How Soon Can I Return to Work after an Inspired Spine Surgery?

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
How Soon Can I Return to Work after an Inspired Spine Surgery?

One of the most common questions patients have before spine surgery is “when can I go back to work?” This patient education article will talk about returning to work after spine surgery, and how Inspired Spine procedures in particular can get patients back to work sooner post-operatively.

Back to Work Post-Op

For some patients, getting back to work is the last thing they want to think about after a surgical procedure. They want to focus on recovering and feeling better. However, many people do not have jobs with benefits that allow them to take paid time off for surgery. For these patients, every day away from work costs them money. So how long can you expect to me out of work after surgery? That depends on many factors, including the patient in question and the specific procedure performed.

The Inspired Spine Difference

Most spine surgeries require some length of hospital stay. Inspired Spine procedures are generally performed with no overnight hospital stay. Patients are able to return to the comforts of their own home the day of surgery. How long it takes to return to work depends significantly on the type of occupation. Many patients can return to sedentary work (office jobs) within days after surgery. Patients who work manual labor jobs may need longer before returning to full work.

Inspired Spine’s revolutionary minimally invasive keyhole techniques are designed to get patients back to work as quickly as possible after surgery. These procedures are backed by numerous studies, and have been performed over 300 times with exceptional success rates. The Inspired OLLIF and Inspired MIS-DTIF require much less surgical cutting during the procedure. In turn, this allows the surgeon to complete the procedure faster and with less structural interference. The end result is that the patient feels less pain and recovers much quicker than they would with a traditional spine procedure. Contact us today to learn more about how these procedures can help you reduce your back or neck pain.