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What to Do When an Old Injury causes Spine Pain

What to Do When an Old Injury causes Spine Pain

Most spinal cord injuries present with pain and other symptoms that are immediately apparent after an injury. But sometimes an old injury that happened years ago can cause back pain flare-ups. This article will discuss how these injuries can cause spine pain years after the fact, and offer some options for treating this type of pain.

Spine Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are often quite serious. Some result in partial or full paralysis. Others require immediate surgical intervention to avoid pain and preserve functionality.

Other times patients who sustain an injury may have mild or no symptoms immediately after the injury, only to have back pain flare up years after the fact. This happens quite frequently. A patient will have a slip and fall accident, for example, and have very mild pain initially. Then, over time, the injured structures on the spine (perhaps a slipped disc) will worsen, and the patient will begin to feel pain, numbness, and loss of sensation in the back and extremities.

Treating Pain from a Prior Injury

Before commencing with a treatment plan, it’s essential to get an accurate diagnosis. Without a comprehensive understanding of the cause of the pain, you can’t hope to successfully treat it. If the pain is traced back to a pinched nerve in the spine, a minimally invasive keyhole surgical procedure is likely the best way to treat your pain and keep it away in the long run.

If you have sustained a spine injury, or are experiencing back pain that you think may be related to a prior injury, an Inspired Spine procedure may help. Inspired Spine has developed cutting-edge minimally invasive keyhole spinal surgery procedures that are less painful than other available procedures. Inspired Spine surgeries are study-backed, and offer quicker surgery times and faster recoveries. Contact us today to learn more about the Inspired OLLIF, the Inspired MIS-DTIF, or find a provider who performs these procedures near you.