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What to do When Back Pain becomes Unmanageable

What to do When Back Pain becomes Unmanageable

For patients who suffer from chronic back pain, managing the pain is an ongoing process. Some people can effectively manage their pain with various conservative treatment options (i.e. pain pills, injections, etc.). But sometimes the pain becomes unmanageable and disrupts a person’s ability to function. In this article, we are going to offer some tips for patients whose back pain has become unmanageable.

Managing vs. Treating Back Pain

Before we go any further, we need to make a distinction between managing and treating back pain. There are many different methods for treating back pain – some simply mitigate the pain, while others treat the root cause of the back pain. Most non-surgical treatments like injection therapy, physical therapy, and pain medications are temporary solutions that relieve pain only for a short period of time. The patient then needs to continue with their treatment to keep the pain at bay.

A more efficient way to treat back pain in the long-term is to correct the issue causing the pain, rather than simply band-aiding it with pain management techniques. For example, a pinched spinal nerve can be corrected with a disc replacement or fusion surgery. These procedures fix the problem at its source and prevent pain in the long run.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If your back pain has become unmanageable to the point where everyday life is a struggle, seek medical help from a competent spine specialist and consider an Inspired Spine procedure. Many patients are afraid of spine surgery and hesitant to go under the knife, but Inspired Spine’s minimally invasive keyhole procedures significantly reduce operating times and patient pain post-op. The Inspired OLLIF and Inspired MIS-DTIF are revolutionizing spine surgery as we know it. Contact us today to learn more about how these spinal surgeries can help reduce your back pain for good. You can also use our tool to find an Inspired Spine provider in your area.