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What to do when Physical Therapy Increases Back Pain

What to do when Physical Therapy Increases Back Pain

Most patients will undergo some sort of physical therapy routine after surgery. A post-op physical therapy exercise schedule can speed up recovery and reduce pain after a procedure. But sometimes physical therapy can lead to increased pain. In this article, we are going to talk about the steps you can take if your physical therapy routine is causing you pain.

First, Manage Your Expectations

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are managing your expectations. Recovering from spine surgery requires some work on your part and your recommended physical therapy exercises may be painful at first while your body recovers. Physical therapy is designed to push your body’s limits to help you recover after surgical trauma. That being said, there is a limit to the amount of pain you should be experiencing during therapy.

Back Pain from PT

The most important thing you can do during physical therapy is to listen to your body and communicate effectively with your physical therapist and physician. It is possible that certain exercises can harm your body after a spine surgery procedure. If you are experiencing extreme pain while doing exercises, tell that to your PT and work with them to find a solution to the problem.

Always work with a physical therapist you trust. Ask your surgeon for their recommendation. Many surgeons have trusted physical therapists with which they work hand-in-hand to provide each patient the best possible care from pre-op to post-op.

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