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Why Some Patients want to Avoid Spine Surgery

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI
Why Some Patients want to Avoid Spine Surgery

Many patients are hesitant to undergo spine surgery for a variety of reasons. Some are afraid that the surgery and subsequent recovery period will be too painful. Others are afraid of the risks associated with the procedure itself. These fears are completely normal, but new developments in spine surgery technology have made surgery less risky and less painful than ever. Here are a few reasons why a person may be avoiding spine surgery, and how to make a decision as to whether or not you should have surgery.

Avoiding Spine Surgery

There are a lot of possible reasons why a person might not want to undergo a spinal procedure, despite a doctor’s recommendation. First of all, surgery is scary for most, if not all patients – especially those who have never gone “under the knife” before. Other patients may have previously had a bad experience with surgery. Even others may not be good candidates for surgery due to their age or a pre-existing condition.

The Dangers of Delaying the Inevitable

However, for many patients with degenerative spinal conditions, putting off a surgical procedure is essentially just delaying the inevitable. You can temporarily reduce your pain with medications, injections, chiropractic, and physical therapy, but these methods often don’t resolve the root of the pain (for example, a pinched nerve in the spine). Delaying spine surgery can cause you years of pain, expensive recurring medical bills, and a lot of frustration. Minimally invasive spine surgery, on the other hand, attacks the root of the problem by freeing up impinged nerves, and rebuilding stability and motion in the spine.

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