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Could Childbirth be Causing Tailbone Pain

The birth of your child is supposed to be a painful but joyous day you will never forget. Bringing a newborn into the world starts a new chapter in millions of Americans lives every single year. But what if childbirth was the start of a sinister chapter in your life? What if it caused an inescapable pain? For many americans, that could be the case as chronic pain caused by childbirth has been identified as a major issue in a recent study. Whilst chronic pain is a major issue for Americans, with some estimates suggesting that somewhere between one third and two-thirds of the population suffers with it, it might come as a surprise that childbirth could be a major cause.

The issue is a common one and has affected many women like Debra Shaw. Debra took her story to the Daily Mail, talking about the period after the birth of her Daughter Sophie she said

“It started as a permanent, dull ache but, by the time Sophie was two, the pain was so bad, I couldn’t sit down”

Debra Shaw Holding Baby Daughter

For years after the birth of her daughter in 2003, Debra Shaw couldn't sit down because of agonising pain radiating from her coccyx


“I had various scans and investigations, and it turned out that the coccyx had been pushed into an unnatural position, so it feels as if it’s stuck at a strange angle. When I sit down, I can feel it digging in and it’s agony.”

A recent study highlighted by the DailyMail shines a light on just how common this is. Doctors at the Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Paris France saw 57 women suffering from tailbone pain (known by its medical term as coccydynia) after Childbirth were analyzed. 7.3% of all cases were caused found to be directly caused by childbirth. Of this 7 %, forceps were used in 50% of cases, suggesting a difficult delivery is a key factor in the development of pain.

Can you treat tailbone pain?

Whilst it might seem like the pain is endless, there are a number of treatment options, not just for tailbone pain caused by childbirth but all tailbone pain causes. These include:

  • Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen or Aspirin. These reduce inflammation in the tailbone which causes pain. Less inflammation therefore usually means less pain
  • Steroid injections. These are injections into the area surrounding the bone that have a more potent anti-inflammatory effect than simple NSAIDs
  • Local anesthetic injections. These injections bath the area around the bone in a local anesthetic numbing agent like Lidocaine (you might have had this drug at the dentist after having a tooth removed – your mouth feels completely numb). This can give pain relief for days or even weeks.
  • If the pain is serious and unrelenting or is caused by a tumor or infection surgery might be necessary. Expert clinics will be able to perform minimally invasive keyhole surgery to reduce the risks of going under the knife

Whilst tailbone pain can seem like a never-ending story, especially if it is after the birth of a child, there are lots of options for patients suffering from this pain. Talking to a top specialist clinic can make a significant difference to patient outcomes.