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Inspired Spine Acquires Tristate Brain and Spine Institute

Creates First Inspired Spine Center for Advanced Minimally Invasive Spinal Care in Minnesota

ALEXANDRIA, MN, October 18, 2017 – Inspired Spine announced today the acquisition of one of the state’s – and perhaps the nation’s – leading private practices of spine and neurosurgery, Tristate Brain and Spine Institute (TBSI) in Alexandria. TBSI spine surgeon Sunny Kim, MD, and neurosurgeon Hamid Abbasi, MD, specialize in minimally invasive and highly complex spine surgery. They have a reputation for successfully treating spinal conditions deemed too risky or too complex for traditional surgery. TBSI will now be an Inspired Spine Center, part of the company’s network for total spine care.

Inspired Spine Centers offer a variety of treatment options for chronic back pain sufferers – from advanced diagnostic technologies, such as open, upright MRIs, to a range of conservative non-surgical therapies, in addition to unique minimally invasive outpatient techniques that speed recovery. TBSI will offer all these services and serve as a training center for Inspired Spine’s advanced minimally invasive procedures.

Transforming Treatment of a Common and Debilitating Condition

TBSI’s Dr. Abbasi is the national leader in the Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion (OLLIF) technique, which is transforming the standard of care for treating many of the causes of chronic back pain, including: degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and spinal stenosis. Compared to traditional spinal fusion techniques, the OLLIF is a much less invasive procedure that does not require dissection of any ligaments or muscle, nor any removal of bone. The diseased disc is removed through a small portal – smaller than a dime – that protects the skin, muscles and nerves. As a result, OLLIF can be performed as outpatient surgery and many patients return to work and normal activities in just a few days.

For more information on this procedure, see our Minimally Invasive OLLIF Fact Sheet.

In addition to the acquisition of TBSI, Inspired Spine is building out its network in the Twin Cities metro area, where it is currently training more surgeons and finalizing plans to open another Inspired Spine Center. The new Inspired Spine Center will be a multi-specialty environment with radiologists, physical therapists, and pain management specialists, as well as an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

About Tristate Brain and Spine Institute

Tristate Brain and Spine Institute (TBSI) is dedicated to evaluating and treating all types of brain and spine problems, no matter how complex. Specialties include OLLIF minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive SI Joint fusion, injections and physical therapy. TBSI has locations in Alexandria, Crookston and Edina and draws patients from North and South Dakota, as well as across the state. For more information, visit or follow Dr. Abbasi on Twitter @HamidAbbasiMD.

About Inspired Spine

Minnesota-based Inspired Spine is a total spine care provider dedicated to improving treatment value and outcomes by applying the least invasive solution to any back-pain problem. The company is building a network of comprehensive care centers that offer conservative care, such as physical therapy and pain management, as well as groundbreaking minimally invasive outpatient surgeries that reduce costs and speed recovery for patients. For more information, visit and follow Inspired Spine on Twitter @InspiredSpine.

About Inspired Spine

Minnesota-based Inspired Spine is a total spine care provider dedicated to improving back pain treatment value and outcomes with advanced minimally invasive spinal surgery technology.


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Inspired Spine advanced minimally invasive spinal surgeries treat many common causes of chronic back pain, including: degenerative disc disease, degenerative scoliosis, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis.