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New Surgery Could Cure Back Pain

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  • Written By: DR. HAMID ABBASI

Back pain will affect 4 out of 5 Americans at some point in their life. Most of this will pass, but a significant proportion of the Nation will be left with chronic incurable pain that is unresolveable. Some estimates suggest that between one third and two-thirds of the country suffers from the chronic pain of some kind, and with opioid epidemic raging across America, new therapies are desperately needed to relieve hard-working Americans of their condition. That’s why innovative surgeries are so important.

Without doctors that push boundaries and innovate with new and exciting techniques, we would not have made nearly as much progress as we did across the 20th century. Now, a new back surgery could provide pain relief for many thousands of Americans every year. The minimally invasive surgery was presented at a Spine conference to neurosurgeons across America a few months ago.

What is the surgery and why do patients need it?new back surgery

The surgery, known as minimally invasive surgery – direct thoracic interbody fusion (MIS-DTIF). That might sound complicated – and frankly, that’s because it is. It helps people with thoracic (that’s the mid back) pain, usually those with bulging discs that are pressing on a nerve.

If a spinal disc (these are found between the bones in your back and help with shock absorbing and movement of the spine) becomes weak, it bulges out and presses on nerves in the back that causing incredible pain for the patient. Because the pain isn’t caused by an injury, it doesn’t respond to normal to normal painkiller treatments like:

  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) – these reduce inflammation at the site of tissue damage. Because there’s no injury they just don’t work!

  • Opioids like Codeine or Fentanyl – whilst these work in the spinal cord and are on option, they are addictive and have lots of side effects. Not great long term!

So patients in the past would often resort to invasive surgeries. But the new technique designed by innovative surgeons at the Inspired Spine clinic is less risky, takes less time and can be performed by just one surgeon. This is because a small cut is made and the surgery is done without opening up the patients back. This means a lower risk of damaging other structures in the back, less risk of infection and fewer surgeons needed. All of this leads to two things- a lower cost and a better outcome.

Chris Murphy, the president of Inspired Spine talked to ODT Mag about the surgery, noting, “Patients reported a significant reduction in back pain after receiving MIS-DTIF … For these patients, it’s not just about finding relief from back pain; it’s about getting their lives back.”

In the end – that’s what these innovations are about. Helping more Americans get their lives back on track after being affected by debilitating back pain for so many years.  Minimally invasive surgery could be the answer for these patients.