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Inspired Spine Celebrates Opening Of Concierge Center For National And Global Patient Care And Launches Fellowship Program

Inspired Spine Celebrates Opening Of Concierge Center For National And Global Patient Care And Launches Fellowship Program

(Burnsville, MN) Inspired Spine recently celebrated the grand opening of its concierge center with a two day event that included a cadaver training lab at its Burnsville Total Spinal Health Center. The 120,000 sq. ft. three building campus is a testament to the rapid expansion of Inspired Spine due to the dramatic increase in patient demand for Inspired Spine’s minimally invasive spine surgery; at a time when another large spine care center, Laser Spine Institute, has abruptly collapsed.

The event started on Friday, March 8th with an open house to debut the recent expansion of Inspired Spine’s Burnsville Facility including its MIS R&D center, concierge suites, and education/training facility which hosts regular cadaver labs for a national and international audience.

“Having suites on site will assist national and global patients with transportation and accommodations, easing their overall care experience,” said Deb Stevens the Clinic Director of Inspired Spine Health.

This event hosted several prolific and experienced spine surgeons who flew to Minneapolis to attend the highly anticipated ‘Semi-Annual Inspired Spine Cadaver Lab and Surgery Demonstration’ – which took place in the newly remodeled lab at the Burnsville Facility.

Inspired Spine is also celebrating the launch of their Fellowship Program in March. As Dr. Abbasi, Chief Medical Officer of Inspired Spine, explains, “We are proud to announce the launch of the Inspired Spine Fellowship Program which accelerates our efforts to provide additional Spinal Health and Surgery education to new surgeons following their completion of residency training. The fellows will be exposed to a variety of cutting-edge surgical techniques, ranging from the treatment of complex deformities to minimally invasive procedures for the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine (OLLIF, MIS-DLIF, MIS-DTIF) which require the use of very complex spinal instrumentation. In addition to the robust operative experience, fellows master a comprehensive evaluation protocol for spine patients through mentored clinic experiences to usher in a new age in spinal health management.

In the aftermath of the abrupt closing of Laser Spine Institute campuses nationwide, many patients are facing the stress of the unknown. When asked about the current situation, Dr. Abbasi replied, “Inspired Spine has the accommodations to help these patients in need of care and welcome them to our practice centers. Before the patient incurs any travel expenses, we offer a well established video consultation with our spine surgeons which eliminates a patient’s need to visit our state-of-the-art spine centers for an initial evaluation. We offer a line of procedures that are second to none and possess patient outcome data for over 1,000 cases that have been published in eight (8) peer reviewed studies. These studies demonstrate and document the proven superiority of our procedures over the current practice of open spine surgery.”

For more information on Inspired Spine Health please email Mike Hanson or call 727-MY-SPINE.

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Minnesota-based Inspired Spine is a total spine care provider dedicated to improving back pain treatment value and outcomes with advanced minimally invasive spinal surgery technology.


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