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Something Shifted in my Back while Working Out

Something Shifted in my Back while Working Out

Working out on a regular basis is a fantastic way to keep your back muscles strong and prevent spinal injuries and related pain. However, sometimes lifting weights and other exercises can cause injuries to the spine. In this article, we are going to talk about what to do if you feel something “shift” in your back during a workout.

Back Pain While Working Out

Most workout related back injuries happen while weight lifting. If a person is lifting a lot of weight, and using improper lifting techniques, a back injury is only a matter of time. This is why it’s important to practice proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries.

These back injuries can be muscle related – i.e. pulling or straining a muscle in the back – or related to the structures in the spine itself (nerves, discs, and vertebrae).

Treatment Options

The same treatment mantra applies to this injury as it does to any sort of back pain – to effectively reduce pain, you need an accurate diagnosis. Without a full understanding of what’s causing your back pain, there is no way you can treat your pain with precision. So when you go in for an examination, your physician will perform a physical exam and may order some diagnostic imaging tests like an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI to get a better picture of what’s going on in your spine. If the pain is due to a pulled muscle in your back, treatments may include pain meds, rest, and physical therapy. Problems that originate in the spine like pinched nerves and degenerative discs may need to be treated with surgery.

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