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What Is a Direct Thoracic Interbody Fusion? (MIS-DTIF)

What Is a Direct Thoracic Interbody Fusion? (MIS-DTIF)

Understanding MIS-DTIF

This minimally invasive procedure may be a viable treatment option for long-term relief for those suffering from chronic pain affecting the thoracic spine. The spinal health experts at Inspired Spine are here to outline everything you should know about this minimally invasive surgical treatment option.


Created by the team of spinal surgeons at Inspired Spine, MIS-DTIF stands for minimally invasive direct thoracic interbody fusion. This is a procedure that is designed to alleviate nerve compression and pain-causing inflammation affecting the middle back. The surgical team at Inspired Spine are the only surgeons in the United States that perform this procedure.

During this procedure, the damaged disk causing instability in the thoracic spine is removed and replaced with a biocompatible polymer implant and the bone graft material. This implant helps to keep the proper spacing between vertebrae during the fusion process. The affected portion of the thoracic spine is then stabilized with screws.

During recovery, the body produces new boney materials that fuse on their own with the surrounding vertebrae.

When is MISS-DTIF an Appropriate Treatment Option?

This minimally invasive procedure is focused on alleviating pain affecting the mid-back, also known as the thoracic spine. Typically, this procedure is performed on those who suffer from pain caused by degenerative disk disease or herniated discs.

Advantages of MIS-DTIF

This updated version of thoracic interbody fusion has the following benefits over traditional methods:

  • Lower levels of blood loss during the procedure.
  • Lower risk of infection during recovery.
  • No cutting or removal of bone or muscle tissues.
  • Faster recovery time.
  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Smaller incision.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Minnesota

When it comes to aches and pains, the discomfort that affects your back can be more than just an annoyance—it can negatively affect your quality of life and your independence. At Inspired Spine, our experienced and knowledgeable spinal surgeons are dedicated to relieving your chronic back pain with the least invasive treatment possible.

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