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The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease

Improve Your Quality of Life

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a common condition that affects the spine and can cause pain, stiffness, and other symptoms. It occurs when the discs that cushion the vertebrae in your spine start to wear down or degenerate due to age, injury, or other factors. If you suffer from DDD, physical therapy can effectively manage your pain and improve your quality of life.

How Physical Therapy Can Help Degenerative Disc Disease

Physical therapy for DDD focuses on improving mobility, strength, and flexibility in the affected spine areas. The physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan specific to your needs to help you reach your desired outcome through a collaborative effort.

Here are some of the ways physical therapy can help with DDD:

Pain Relief:

Physical therapy can help reduce pain by using massage, heat therapy, and exercise. Your physical therapist will work with you to find the most effective methods for your condition.

Improved Flexibility:

Stretching and range of motion exercises can help improve flexibility in the spine and reduce stiffness. This can help you move more quickly and perform daily activities with less pain and discomfort.

Increased Strength:

Strengthening exercises can help support the spine and reduce the risk of injury. Building up the muscles that support your spine can improve your overall spinal health and reduce the risk of future problems.

Better Posture:

Physical therapy has the added benefit of enhancing posture and body mechanics, decreasing the likelihood of future injuries. With the aid of a physical therapist, you can learn how to sit, stand, and move in a way that supports your spinal health.

Improved Mobility:

Physical therapy can help increase your range of motion and reduce stiffness in your spine. This can help you perform daily activities more efficiently and with less pain.

Avoiding Surgery:

For some people, physical therapy can be an alternative to surgery for degenerative disc disease. You can avoid more invasive treatments by strengthening the muscles that support your spine.

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Experience the Benefits of Physical Therapy With Inspired Spine

Physical therapy presents itself as an effective means of handling degenerative disc disease symptoms and upgrading your standard of living. If you are living with DDD, have a conversation with your physician to determine whether physical therapy aligns with your needs.

Are you experiencing back pain? At Inspired Spine, we offer comprehensive physical therapy services for patients with spine disorders. Our experienced physical therapists work closely with our medical team to develop personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, complete our online form or call (952) 225-5266. See you soon!