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When Should I See a Spine Specialist?

When Should I See a Spine Specialist?

Pain, discomfort, and other symptoms that involve your spine should always be taken seriously. If you’re experiencing any of these for more than a few days or the intensity is worsening, it may be time to see a spine specialist.

Signs It’s Time to Make an Appointment

Any of the following symptoms could indicate a problem with your spine and may require attention from a specialist at Inspired Spine:

  • Persistent back pain that does not improve over time
  • Pain in the legs or feet, which may be linked to nerve compression in the spine
  • Numbness in any area of your body, including hands and feet
  • Inability to stand/walk for extended periods
  • Difficulty moving or performing daily activities such as getting dressed, lifting items, etc.

Services to Help at Inspired Spine

Inspired Spine offers comprehensive spine care services that can help diagnose and treat various back and neck issues. Our board-certified spine specialists are experts in evaluating your symptoms, developing a treatment plan tailored to you, and providing the most advanced treatments available.

The first line of treatment for spinal conditions is conservative, nonsurgical therapies. These approaches may include pain medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Surgery is only recommended when necessary to alleviate pain, correct deformities, or slow down degenerative spinal disorders.

If the time comes that minimally-invasive spinal surgery is recommended, our specialists are well-equipped to provide the most advanced and effective surgical treatments. Our experienced spine surgeons at Inspired Spine use the latest technology, including robotic and endoscopic procedures, to minimize complications and ensure less pain for patients following surgery.

Get Back to Life Without Pain at Inspired Spine

Our team at Inspired Spine is dedicated to helping our patients reduce pain and improve their quality of life at Inspired Spine in Minnesota. Don’t wait until the pain becomes too severe; make an appointment today by calling (952) 225-5266. Together, we can create a plan that works best for you!