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Microdiscectomy Post Op Instructions

A microdiscectomy is a procedure designed to relieve pain radiating down your arm(s), leg(s,) and/or back. A small incision is made midline (usually less than 2 inches); soft tissues are then gently pushed off to the side. A small hole under microscopic vision is formed through the bone using various tools until your nerve and disc can be seen. We then softly push your nerve off to the side, removing debris of bone or disc that had pushed on the nerve.

Next, we take it a step further by going into the disc space removing loose disc material, trying to avoid future herniation. Finally, we sew you back up with sutures. An important point to take home, there is a 1 out of 10 chance of re-herniation after the procedure, so obey the restrictions and use common sense.


Back Pain

Back pain is expected after surgery, typically residing in the lower back and can seem to radiate into the hips. This is normal post-operative pain.

Leg Pain

It is common to experience temporary increased, or the same level of intensity, pain down one or both of your legs. This can be due to us “cleaning off” your nerves, swelling, or just remnants of nerve irritation from prior to surgery. Please inform us if your pain gradually worsens, 1 out of 10 re-herniate after a microdiscectomy.


Please see your primary care physician one week after surgery to have the incision examined. We would like to see you at an Inspired Spine facility institute one month after surgery.

These appointments are occasionally made for you prior to discharge from the hospital by the nursing staff. Please ask the hospital nursing staff or contact our office to confirm these appointments.

You can reach Inspired Spine at (952) 225-5266 to set up an appointment with our Patient Access Representative team.

Incision Care

Please leave the incision open to air. No bandage is necessary. If steri-strips are present, these will fall off on their own.