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Helping a Loved One With Chronic Pain

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Helping a Loved One With Chronic Pain

4 Ways to Support Your Loved One With Chronic Pain

If you're close to someone with chronic pain, you probably want to do everything you can to help them. Here are a few tips on how you can support your loved one through their chronic pain journey:

1. Be an active listener.

Just because chronic pain can't be seen doesn't mean it's not real. Those who struggle with chronic pain often feel misunderstood and avoid sharing their symptoms or feelings. Let your loved one know that you believe them and that you're there to support them.

2. Offer to help with practical tasks.

Chronic pain can make everyday activities much more complicated — from performing tasks at work to pouring a morning cup of coffee. If you want to support your friend or family member on a daily basis, offer to help with things like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and childcare. This will help take the heavy lifting off their shoulders — literally.

This is especially important following surgery. If your loved one undergoes surgery for their condition, they will need additional support and assistance until they recover.

3. Help them find resources.

Many helpful chronic pain resources are available, from chronic pain support groups to chronic pain blogs. Research and help your loved one find the information and support they need.

For more information on our patient resources at Inspired Spine, visit us online.

4. Encourage them to take care of themselves.

While you may be there to support them, chronic pain sufferers need to focus on their health and wellbeing. Encourage your loved one to eat healthy, exercise, and get enough rest. You can help them set up a healthy routine or even offer to participate in activities like a daily walk.

Some other great activities to consider include:

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You can make a big difference in your loved one's chronic pain journey by offering your support and understanding. Part of helping them through their journey is helping them find the care that can make all the difference in their lives and start them on the path to relief.

If you believe your loved one could benefit from treatment from our team, contact Inspired Spine today to schedule a free consultation.